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987 05-06 Boxster 3.2L Plenum: TBA Requires upgrading factory 68mm TB with 74mm TB



The perfectly balanced mid engine platform of the 987 combined with a drop top convertible make for a truly liberating Porsche diving experience. The 987's were delivered slightly under powered from the factory so as not to rain on the Carrera's parade. The IPD Boxster intake plenum delivers increased performance that puts the Boxster in the ring with the famed Carrera.

The IPD Plenum out performs every other intake system on the market. Don't be fooled by other competitors claiming to offer Plenums. All factory Porsche air distributors are of the "T" variety and therefore suffer from less than ideal air flow and reduced intake air speed.

The Boxster IPD Intake Plenums are available in 3 versions, each one specifically designed to meet the performance requirements of varying Boxster enthusiasts. From mild to wild, it all depends on how fast you want the wind in your hair.

The genius and power behind the IPD plenums comes from the patented "Y" style design and optimized diversion areas to deliver real and impressive power that will transform your Boxster performance and heighten your Porsche driving experience.

Porsche introduced the 987 S Boxster with the 3.2 liter engine from the 986 Boxster S. This Plenum version provides impressive power gains throughout the entire power band, especially in the midrange where we enjoy it most.

The 74mm Boxster S IPD Plenum and upgraded 74mm (from 68mm) throttle body package is recommended for Boxster S enthusiasts looking for considerable performance gains. Performance gains can be felt throughout the entire power band making the Boxster driving experience even more visceral.

The IPD Boxster S Plenum will provides the most impressive power gains of any engine upgrade available and will truly transform your Boxster driving experience. The 74mm IPD Plenum is the best Boxster S modification on the market and will further compliment other mods such as exhaust, software and beyond.

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