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Ignition Projects Subaru GDB - 2002 - 2007

Ignition Projects


For Subaru GDB EJ20, it is a kit that can be installed in the bolt.

Genuine coils of the structure of a horizontal opposed engine, it is necessary to miniaturization direct ignition coil, the power of the coil itself has been constrained. In order to obtain the power to the coil, it is necessary to increase the size of the structure of the coil, but is a situation that can not be it in the constraints of the installation site.

Plasma Quad Pac is placed a large power ignition coil rather than a cam cover top is a set position of the original coil, to a different location which is not affected by the engine or exhaust heat. High voltage from the coil is to be conducted in the spark plug wire. Thus, at the same time can increase in size of the ignition coil, because the ignition coil is eliminated to undergo heat from the engine directly, compared with the method of installing directly on the engine, it is possible to greatly reduce heat loss . Furthermore, inspection of the spar plug was also the disadvantage of the horizontal opposed engine by using the spark plug wire, you can improve the maintainability of the exchange.

  • Year: 2002 - 2007
  • Cyl: L4 Turbo
  • Liter: 2.5L 
  • Chassis Code: GDB
  • Engine Code: EJ20, EJ25
  • Part Number: PQ4003602R

*Pictures are for reference only and may differ from actual product.

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