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Ignition Projects Hexa Pac Toyota 2JZ Engine

Ignition Projects


Factory Simultaneous Ignition System; 1 coil sparks for 2 cylinders at the same time, due to that the spark energy is split in to two. Reducing it to 50% of its potential spark energy.

IP HEXA Pac is designed with our high power igniter and high performance ignition coils that are fully built-in together. By creating completely independent ignition system, each coil will combust strong sparks for each cylinder, so you can drive with confidence even during the highest RPM's.

Handmade in the USA
Every Ignition Projects product is handmade in our facility located in Tustin, California. Production is overseen by our lead engineer from Japan, and although this is more work and higher cost, it's important for us to guarantee our customers get the highest level of results.

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