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🏁 Race to EDO Performance to supercharge your savings on high-performance auto parts, fluids, and accessories! 🚗💨
🏁 Race to EDO Performance to supercharge your savings on high-performance auto parts, fluids, and accessories! 🚗💨

FOGGIT High Performance Engine Fogging Oil, 12 Oz Can

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by Foggit
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NEW to the market, FOGGIT High Performance Engine Fogging Oil

What is Foggit? 

Foggit is a purpose-designed High Performance Engine Cylinder Protectant

Why should you use Foggit? 

Foggit protects and blocks the development races

Why trust Foggit? 

Foggit was developed by Racers to solve a problem all High Performance Engines Face

COATS COMPONENTS: Foggit Coats internal components inside your engine that can begin to form surface rust in as little as a few days without protection.

UNIQUE FORMULA: Foggit is a unique formula developed to protect cylinder walls from the damage surface rust can cause to piston rings, valves, and other components.

PROVIDES PROTECTION: Foggit provides protection for internal surfaces from corrosion and lubricates cylinders to help prevent damage when starting after storage.

DISPLACES MOISTURE: Foggit protects your engine by displacing moisture from metal to prevent corrosion on all 2 and 4-cycle carbureted and fuel-injected engines.

EASY APPLICATION: Foggit is designed to provide protection from the harmful effects of rust and corrosion by creating a protective coating on surfaces deep into the engine and with easy application.



FOGGIT is a high-performance engine fogging oil that provides protection of cylinder walls and valves of racing engines between events, during periods of storage, during off-season winter months, and in high humidity. It prevents rust on engine components, providing maximum piston ring seal and valve seal.


FOGGIT contains a proprietary blend of chemicals designed specifically for the prevention of corrosion from humidity to the internal combustion racing engine, which has cylinder walls with finer finishes and is constructed with exotic piston ring and valve materials.


FOGGIT has a light red color to indicate coverage has been achieved and to prevent confusion with other fogging and/or penetrating oils that are clear-colored. It has a cinnamon aroma to differentiate it from other petroleum spray products and to make the customer aware of what is being used. It neutralizes humidity and protects ferrous and nonferrous metals from corrosion.

The tactile properties of FOGGIT are more of an oily feel when compared to common penetrating sprays, and it is not as tacky as marine fogging oils. FOGGIT leaves a protective film on all metal surfaces. FOGGIT cleans easily with any petroleum-based solvents.


Prevents flash rusting of:

  • Automotive internal combustion high-performance and racing engines
  • Power sports engines: 4-wheelers, 3-wheelers, side-by-side ATVs, lawnmowers, go-karts, dune buggies
  • High-performance engines in pulling tractors and pulling trucks
  • High-performance light aircraft engines
  • High-performance and racing marine engines
  • Engines in restored vehicles
  • Freshly machined surfaces in machine ships and engine shops
  • Also serves as an engine assembly lubricant
  • Penetrating oil used for loosening rusted parts and fasteners
  • Chain oil for chain-driven vehicles


*For temporary storage:

While holding the throttle blades open, spray FOGGIT into the intake tract while rotating the engine with the ignition turned off for a duration of 20 to 20 seconds.

*For longer periods of storage:

Remove spark plugs and spray approximately 5 mi of FOGGIT into each cylinder. After reinstalling the spark plugs, rotate the engine with the ignition switch turned off.

*Spray FOGGIT on any steel or iron part after machining to prevent flash rusting and to prevent acidic fingerprint rust.

Spray FOGGIT directly on rusted parts and fasteners and allow them to sit overnight, freeing seized parts and assemblies.


FOGGIT has a thinner viscosity than other brands of fogging oils, giving it the ability to be sprayed through the intake tract. Other brands of fogging oils are mostly designed and marketed for the marine industry and are designed to be sprayed through the spark plug hole for long-term storage. Attempting to use marine fogging oil by spraying it through the intake tract results in puddling and failure to dispense onto cylinder walls.

Other brands of penetrating oils that are thin enough to be sprayed through the intake tract are too thin to remain on the cylinder walls for more than a few hours and then evaporate, leaving no protection from humidity-induced rusting.

  • FOGGIT is designed to be used both as a short-term or long-term storage fogging oil due to its viscosity and ability to cling to materials, allowing it to remain on valves and cylinder walls.
  • When used correctly, FOGGIT will not foul spark plugs or hinder the performance of a racing engine.
  • FOGGIT contains a special blend of ingredients that cling to steel and iron, leaving an oily film for months. It has a light red color, which indicates its application and coverage. It has a cinnamon aroma, making it more consumer-friendly and differentiating it from other light-penetrating oils. FOGGIT can be applied to steel, cast iron, copper, zinc, and aluminum.