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Evolution VIII Stage 0 Power Upgrade - WORKS P1 Brain Flash

EDO Performance



The WORKS Brain Flash is the factory ECU that has been reprogrammed with WORKS Performance Software optimizing all applicable maps including the air/fuel ratios, ignition timing, and calculated rev limit.


- No piggyback add-ons that intercept and falsify signals to the factory ECU

- No standalone engine management systems compromising Mitsubishi functionality and safety.

- The ECU can be reprogrammed back to stock if necessary and, of course, is backed by WORKS Factory Matched Warranty.

With the Brain Flash P1, expect up to 20+ whp peak gain but more importantly a broad, usable, power curve with no other modifications that is very safe and reliable.

* This is a mail in flash that requires the customer to send their ECU to Edo Performance.

* Application: Mitsubishi VIII including GSR, MR and RS

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