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Evo X Stage 2 SST Transmission by SSP Performance (600ft/lbs)

SSP Performance


Evo X SST Stage 2 Transmission

**** NOTE: This is a listing for complete Evo X SST Rebuilt Transmission with Stage 2 clutch package in it. The transmission housing is a used unit ***

This SSP's 600lbs/ft SST transmission receives a complete overhaul with SSP Stage 2 Clutch plates. The transmission is completely disassembled and cleaned.

SSP Stage 2 Clutch package
2 Large clutch basket seals
2 Small clutch basket seals
2 Clutch shaft O-rings
5 Clutch hub stator seals
1 External Filter and O-ring
1 Internal pickup filter
2 Axle Seals

*You need to keep your Mechatronic Unit as this unit does not come with one. Once installed you will need to send the car for reprogram (Teach-in) to adapt the new clutch plates. This can be done at your local Mitsubishi dealer.

*2007-2015 Evolution X SST, Ralliart SST*

Price includes a complete transmission with the SSP Stage 2 upgrade.

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