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Evans Heavy Duty Waterless Coolant (4 Gallon) Conversion Kit with Refractometer

Evans Coolant



Make The Conversion to Waterless Coolant More Effective !

Evans waterless Heavy Duty Coolant boils at 375 F. In use, it features a huge separation between the operating temperature of the coolant and its boiling point. Heavy Duty Coolant can therefore control metal temperatures at coolant temperatures that are well above the boiling point of water. With engine metals protected at higher coolant temperatures, fan turn-on temperatures can be safely increased. Evans has found that raising the fan temperature to about 230 F can decrease fan-on time over 50 percent. Engine and truck builders often use giant radiators and amazingly powerful radiator fans for the sole purpose of keeping water-based coolants cold enough to remain functional. Released from the burden of avoiding the boiling point of water, Heavy Duty Coolant waterless coolant enables the safe use of higher coolant temperatures and sharply reduced fan usage. Thousands of dollars in fuel savings annually result from that technique.

Boils 375F @0psi
Freezes -40F
Viscosity 2.3cp @ 212F
Surface Tension 44dyn/cm

Refractometer is a handheld, lightweight, portable instrument used to determine concentration of water soluble fluids. Simply apply few drops of the solution that you want to test and you can test the water content of the solution. Refractrometer uses BRIX Scale to determine the water content. Use the refactrometer to make sure you get a 3% or less water content in the conversion. Eliminate the guesswork from the conversion !


Instruction on how to use the refractometer is included. 

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