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Collinite 415 Color-Up Cleaner



  • Clear coat safe, for use on all colors
  • Removes surface contaminants like mild oxidation/discoloration, scuffs, bugs, staining, & brake dust
  • Can act as a wax remover
  • For hand and DA use

Economical, light-duty paint-cleansing compound safely removes surface contamination before follow up wax protection

Removes film, mild oxidation/discoloration, brake dust, oil, grease, tar, bugs, stains and more from clear coat/single stage paint, painted/non-painted metal & fiberglass. Brightens surface clarity and deepens shine while preparing finish for follow up wax-improving bond, spread and protective durability. Clear coat safe. Not for glass, rubber or trim. Contains no waxes or silicones. For both hand & DA polisher use.

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