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🏁 Race to EDO Performance to supercharge your savings on high-performance auto parts, fluids, and accessories! 🚗💨
🏁 Race to EDO Performance to supercharge your savings on high-performance auto parts, fluids, and accessories! 🚗💨

Delicious Tuning CAN Enabled Flex Fuel Bluetooth Kit 2022+ BRZ/GR86

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$ 595.00

Delicious Tuning - CAN FlexFuel BlueTooth Kit (FFBT) for EcuTek takes all the guess work out of determining what the ethanol/gasoline (petrol) ratio is in your vehicle. Our FlexFuel system determines the content ratio between gasoline and ethanol content in the fuel. It then sends a signal to the ECU which dynamically computes the correct air/fuel ratios, ignition timing values, boost levels, cam angles, traction control and more based on the ethanol content. Confused about E85 ethanol and Flexfuel? Visit our FAQ.

CANBus Integration - The CAN Flex Fuel Kit communicates over the vehicles CANBus network, because of that, no sensors are removed from the vehicle, no codes are disabled or altered, and the the installation is 100% plug-n-play with no wires are run into the passenger compartment. 

NEW Smartphone App (Released 6/28/2023) - With the release of our new CAN Flex Fuel Kit, we will also be releasing a new smartphone app for the iPhone and Android platforms. Future updates coming 2023 will include automatic error testing and diagnosis, end user ability to enable/disable fuel pressure monitoring, and safety systems. Supports Apple iPhone, Android Android OS 11+ (Delicious Flex V3) and Android Android OS 10 (Delicious Flex V2, to be discontinued January 1st 2024)

11-Pin and 8-Pin CAN harness Support - Due to changes in the harness from 2022 to 2023, there are two different connection options in the BRZ/GR86 harness. Please review which harness you have prior to ordering. The harness connection can be found mounted by the strut tower bar on the left side of the vehicle (driver side in the US). Link to our instructions for further details on location. 

Delicious Tuning FlexFuel BlueTooth Kit includes:
- Delicious Tuning CAN Enabled FlexFuel Ethanol Content Analyzer with Integrated Bluetooth
- Delicious Tuning NEW Smart Phone Applications (Android or iPhone Compatible)
- Delicious Tuning Hand Assembled and Pressure Tested Fuel Lines
- Delicious Tuning Mounting Bracket and Hardware
- Delicious Tuning Plug and Play Harness
- Delicious Tuning Flex Fuel Sensor
- Ethanol Compatible OEM Quick Disconnects 
- Ethanol Compatible Nylon Fuel Lines

Optional upgrades:
- DESS adds fuel pressure safety display and monitoring. 

Limited Warranty
All parts and services offered by Delicious Tuning have undergone extensive in-house testing and evaluation to insure the highest level of quality and performance. All parts and services are guaranteed to be free from material and manufacturing defects at the time of receipt by the customer. Parts that are damaged by means of water or coolant ingress are not covered under the terms of our warranty. However, the standard warranty in the industry is none at all on parts. Such parts are thus sold "as-is" without any warranty whatsoever. There are no implied warranties of merchant-ability or fitness for a particular purpose. There are no warranties that extend beyond the description on the face of this agreement. Delicious Tuning is not responsible for incidental and consequential damages, property damages, or personal injury damages to the extent permitted by law. Implied warranties of merchant-ability and fitness, in as far as they are applicable, are limited to a term of one (1) year from the original purchase, with a copy of the original invoice.