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AutoTecknic Competition Shift Paddles - Mercedes-Benz Various Vehicles



This is for a set of the AutoTecknic Competition Shift Paddles for the Mercedes-Benz Various Vehicles. They are a direct replacement to the OEM shift paddles.

As purists themselves, AutoTecknic understands the goals of all car enthusiasts— to go as fast as possible while maintaining safety and a comfortable position in the pilot’s seat at the same time.

When it comes to piloting a vehicle, the driver is at optimum control when they become one with the car. In order to bring that concept to reality, AutoTecknic developed these extended paddle shifters.

During this meticulous development process, AutoTecknic wanted to craft a set of paddles which would maximize the communication between the driver, steering wheel, and of course, the Mercedes-Benz transmission. To achieve this ideal, AutoTecknic paddles are designed to be 40% bigger compared to OEM ones. On top of that, the shape of the paddles is perfectly matched to the exact contours of the steering wheel, to provide optimal feedback for perfect shifts every time!

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