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TurboSmart Wastegates, Blow off Valves & Boost Controllers

If your car’s turbine spins too fast then the boost pressure generated by the turbocharger may rise to a point where it will damage your engine and the turbocharger. That is why it is extremely important for performance cars to have a system that controls the spinning of the turbine, which can be done by taking exhaust gases away from it. The question is how can cars exercise this control? The answer is a wastegate.

A wastegate is a valve that is managed by a pressure actuator that is connected to the turbo’s boost pressure. A spring is needed to hold the wastegate. When the boost pressure goes over the maximum limit, the spring is compressed and the compression opens the wastegate that steers the exhaust gases away from the turbine.

If your wastegate and its components aren’t of good quality the entire exhaust system will be compromised that will damage the engine, fuel efficiency and your car’s overall performance. It may also cause your engine to heat up.

To ensure your car gets the best, TurboSmart uses premium technology and quality to manufacture its wastegates that offer great flow path and resistance to high temperatures. TurboSmart’s Power-Gate 60 is considered to be the market leader due to its ability to handle heat due to its shielded diaphragm.

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