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🏁 Race to EDO Performance to supercharge your savings on high-performance auto parts, fluids, and accessories! 🚗💨

WORKS FR-S/BRZ/86 Stage 2 Turbo Kit - Tuner Kit

SKU 142.212
Original price $ 4,599.00 - Original price $ 5,956.00
Original price
$ 4,599.00
$ 4,599.00 - $ 5,956.00
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$ 4,599.00

NOTE: More turbo kit customization options are available. Please contact for inquiries.

The WORKS Stage 2 Turbo Kit for the FR-S/BRZ/86 takes the performance of our Stage 1 Turbo Kit to the next level with the addition of an air-to-liquid intercooler and a higher boost threshold. Stage 2 is for those who want more power than what our Stage 1 Kit provides, but still wish to retain its simple and minimally-invasive configuration. 

This kit utilizes a genuine Garrett GT28 journal bearing turbocharger to provide efficient, turbocharged power while retaining the OEM airbox, exhaust manifold, and secondary catalytic converter. Our team of engineers spent hundreds of hours in design, development, tuning, and testing to produce a simple and reliable turbo setup to enhance the driving experience of the your vehicle. This is the easiest-to-install, most cost-effective, and least-intrusive air-to-liquid intercooled turbo system available for the FR-S/BRZ/86. 

Notable Features:

  • Genuine Garrett GT28 water-cooled turbocharger mounted rearward to maintain chassis balance and handling
  • Air-to-liquid aluminum intercooler with front-mounted auxiliary radiator Internal and external ceramic coated up and downpipe
  • Short length intake piping and efficient intercooler core minimize pressure loss/drop and increase boost response
  • Durable powder coated components with 4-ply silicone couplers and rolled edge hose clamps
  • Retains OEM airbox, PCV system, exhaust manifold, front pipe, and both catalytic converters
  • Compatible with aftermarket exhaust equipment that retains stock exhaust flange locations and bolt patterns
  • Oil pan removal and wiring harness extension not necessary for installation
  • ~12 psi peak boost
  • Expect gains of ~90 hp, ~90 ft-lbs crank on 91 octane (R+M)/2 with a relatively stock vehicle
    • ~55% power increase over stock using higher octane fuel can net greater power gains
  • Includes all metric hardware OEM/factory appearance

Please view our installation instructions for a deeper understanding of how minimally-invasive this system is: 
Manual Transmission Instructions PDF
Automatic Transmission Instructions PDF

We encourage the use of a high-flow air filter like the WORKS High-Flow Drop-In Air Filter with our kit. For track use, an oil cooler like the WORKS Oil Regulator/Cooler Kit ($50 discount when added as an option) and stiffer motor mounts are highly recommended. The significant increase in power should also be balanced with better braking performance like what our WORKS BP-1 Brake Package provides.

We offer 3 diverter valve/blow-off valve options:
We offer 5 turbo options: Each turbo option has been specially configured so they are a direct fit with our turbo kit and come will all necessary mounting hardware. 
Turbo: Rated to:
Garret GT28 340 hp
Garret GTX2863R 425 hp
Garret GTX2867R 475 hp
Garret GTX2971R (90 Trim) 560 hp
Garret GTX2976R 640 hp

Note: Larger intercooler, downpipe and/or fuel pump/injectors are needed to take full advantage of the GTX turbo options.

Tuner Kits do not include an ECU calibration and require appropriate ECU tuning for proper operation.
Tuner Kits are not CARB compliant and can not be shipped to California addresses. See our CARB compliant 142.212C kit that includes an ECU calibration and is 50-state smog legal.
This kit is not compatible with right-hand drive vehicles at this time. Please see our installation instructions for a more comprehensive list of vehicle equipment prerequisites.

Please indicate which color (black or silver) WORKS Trunk Badge you would like to receive with your order.

Is this turbo kit smog legal?
This kit is not 50-state smog legal. Our CARB compliant 142.212C carries CARB Executive Order D-748 and is 50-state smog legal.

Does the kit come with an ECU calibration?
An ECU calibration is not included with this kit and appropriate ECU tuning is required for proper operation. Please see our CARB compliant 142.212C kit that does include an ECU calibration.

How long does it take to install the kit?
Depending on mechanical aptitude, installation normally takes between 12 - 16 hours.

Does installing the kit require any cutting, fabrication or wire harness extensions?
Very minor sanding, drilling a hole and cutting a bracket is required. No factory wiring harness modification or extension is necessary! And no oil pan removal or modification necessary! Please see our installation instructions (link above) for a description of required modifications.

Do I need to remove the front bumper for installation?
Bumper removal is required for Stage 2. Please see our installation instructions (link above) for a description of the installation process.

How does this kit retain the factory exhaust manifold / headers?
Our kit only replaces the over pipe from the exhaust system, leaving all other exhaust components intact.

Will this kit work with aftermarket headers? How is turbocharger spool affected?
Our kit bolts up to aftermarket headers that maintain the stock header outlet flange location. Remember that the stock header contains a catalytic converter and two O2 sensors, so replacing the stock header with an aftermarket one will likely require software adjustments to our base calibration.

Spool characteristics are based on many factors that are unique to different header designs (volume, primary tube diameter, bend geometry, etc.) There are so many aftermarket BRZ/FR-S header options that it's not possible for us to make definitive statements about what aftermarket headers will do to the spool characteristics of our kit.

How do the battery and ECU housing handle the added heat from the turbocharger?
The exhaust piping included in our kit is ceramic coated which cuts down on radiant engine bay heat significantly. We include a battery heatshield in the kit, have monitored battery surface temperatures after track sessions, and have found them to be a non-issue when using the heatshield. The injector ECU showed no heat effects either. We provide thermal wrap in our kit to protect all wiring in the area of the turbo.

What power gains should I expect?
Each vehicle is different, but typically you should expect an increase of ~90 hp, ~90 ft-lbs at the crank on 91 octane (R+M)/2 gasoline - roughly a 55% gain. Using higher octane fuel can net greater power gains.

How is the drivability?
With proper engine calibration the kit has very smooth, factory-like drivability and keeps pulling to redline. We developed this kit to deliver a power level to match the capability of the stock chassis. 

How much boost should I expect?
Stage 2 has a peak boost level of ~12 psi.

Do I need to upgrade the fuel system?
The factory fuel system is adequate for 91 and higher octane (R+M)/2 gasoline.

Will the kit void my warranty?
In many cases the turbo kit could affect your dealer warranty for the motor which is no surprise. However it should not affect the warranty of other components due to the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act. Consult your local dealer for specific questions.

Is there a warranty from WORKS?
There is a 12k mile, 12 month warranty against defects in parts.


  • LHD 2013-2016 Scion FR-S all models
  • LHD 2013+ Subaru BRZ all models
  • LHD 2012+ Toyota GT86 all models
  • LHD 2017+ Toyota 86 all models