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🏁 Race to EDO Performance to supercharge your savings on high-performance auto parts, fluids, and accessories! 🚗💨
🏁 Race to EDO Performance to supercharge your savings on high-performance auto parts, fluids, and accessories! 🚗💨

Motul 300V 10W60 LE MANS BMW 100% Synthetic Engine Oil 110864 2L

SKU MOT-110864
by Motul
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  • MAXIMUM POWER OUTPUT: Friction reduction for maximum power and torque at all RPMs.
  • INCREASED RELIABILITY: High shear stability for maximal oil film resistance to reduce engine wear.
  • LONG LIFE: Increased oxidation resistance for longer engine & oil life duration.
  • ENHANCED DRIVABILITY: Maximal polar adherence of the oil film for rapid engine RPM response.
  • EASY START: Fast oil pressure build-up and optimal oil flow.
  • REDUCED OIL CONSUMPTION: Low oil volatility and evaporation helps to control oil consumption.
  • PREMIUM DETERGENCY: High detergency performance allows better engine cleanliness.
  • SMOOTH ENGINE: Lower friction level brings engine noise reduction in all driving modes.
  • TYPES OF USE : Circuit, Drag race, Drift, Endurance, GT, Hill climb, Historic racing, Rally, Rally cross, Track days, and Tuning.
  • REDUCED CARBON FOOTPRINT: Organic base using non-fossil renewable materials limits environmental impact lowering our carbon footprint by 25%

New 300V Ester Core series is racing lubricant for racing cars.

Motul, manufacturer of world class lubricants and pioneer of Ester technology, announces the latest evolution of their 300V line of automotive racing oils. Using Esters at the heart of its technology, 300V is recognized worldwide as a leading racing oil product. This new reformulation further improves engine lubrication with its advanced blend of Esters, 100% synthetic base oils and a package of innovative additives. .

Todays highly developed engines make far greater power for their displacement and this places greater demands on the engines oil. Knowing these demands, Motuls R&D department developed the reformulated 300V with two important targets in mind: an increase in engine power the main focus in competition; and increased engine reliability. The result of comprehensive development is Motuls newest technology, Ester Core. Used exclusively in the reformulated 300V, Ester Core provides an increase of up to seven-horsepower in comparison with that attained by rival products. Add in extremely low oil consumption and perfect engine protection even in extreme conditions, the 300V range remains the benchmark in motorsports lubricants.

Updated packaging features a redesigned 300V logo and eye-catching, easy-to-read labels. In order to guarantee product integrity, a unique three-dimensional code called Bubble Tag is a part of a protective foil tape placed across the cap of every 2-liter container. Bubble Tag provides a digital imprint to accurately trace each product from initial production to its final sale and helps to guarantee only authentic 300V racing oil is inside each 2-liter metal can.

100% synthetic racing motor oil based on ESTER Core technology. Through technical partnerships with most prestigious Teams of car racing, MOTUL has developed a wide range of lubricants for Racing and Sport cars. The 300V motorsport line improves performance of the latest generation engines along with high protection against wear, oil pressure drop and oxidation due to high temperature. Power. Low engine dilution.

Compatible with a wide selection of engines ? naturally aspirated, high torque turbo and cars that produce average to high levels of exhaust fumes

For cars with vintage, high torque and high output tuning engines that produce high levels of exhaust fumes.


Engine Type 4-Stroke
Product Range Car
Product Type 300V, 300V MOTORSPORT LINE
Quality 100% SYNTHETIC
Title MOTUL 300V LEMANS 10W-60
Viscosity 10W-60, SAE 10W-60