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Red Line Performance Oil and Fuel Additives

redline performance oil products

Originally intended to be a company that produces oils for the racing industry, Red Line Synthetic Oil eventually broke into more mainstream markets. This company was established in California in 1979, and currently offers over 100 quality products that are used to lubricate different parts of vehicles. Aside from motor oil and gear oil, Red Line offers fuel additives, automatic transmission fluids, transmission and LSD oil two-stroke oils, brake fluid, suspension fluid, coolant additives, and more.

This is a company that has a strong reputation among racers and car-enthusiasts, which is well deserved given the quality of their products. Before these products arrive at automotive shops, they first need to go through an extremely rigorous assurance process. Red Line controls every product they manufacture in order to ensure they’re of top-quality.

Red Line has earned the respect of car enthusiasts across the globe because it doesn't cut costs by blending in petroleum products. Instead, their motor oils and gear oils follow a fully synthetic ester formula that guarantees the long-lasting protection of the engine.

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