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Liqui Moly Performance Engine Oils and Additives

liqui moly engine oils
Liqui Moly is Germany's leading brand of motor oil. It was founded in 1957, with the basis for the company being a patent for the production of an additive known as molybdenum disulfide. Not only was this the first products they made, but it also helped give the company its name. Molybdenum disulfide became the basic ingredient of the Liqui Moly Oil additive.

Thanks to that one patent, this company managed to become a brand recognized all across the world. Today, they offer more than 4,000 products including engine oils,  additives, transmission and LSD oils, fuel injector and system cleaners, vehicle care products and more. Their engine oils do more than just cool and lubricate. They help clean the motor of combustion residues and fuel particles. They work at high temperatures and also protect the motor against corrosion. Their gear oils provide optimum viscosity and proper friction behavior even at very high temperatures. The company offers hydraulic oils as well, known for their exceptional lubricating properties. These oils offer high thermal stability and outstanding corrosion protection.

Car additives made by Liqui Moly are known for reducing fuel consumption, thus helping customers save cash. The oil additives also minimize friction and wear, protect against corrosion, and clean vehicle motors from the inside. These products increase the lifespan of the motor and care for the entire fuel system.
More than anything, Liqui Moly helps its customers care for their vehicles. After all, they managed to become such a powerful brand thanks to the quality products they provide.