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IPD Volvo & Porsche Performance Auto Parts

ipd parts for volvo and porsche

IPD stands for Innovative Pro Design, and it represents a company known for its patented "Y" design of air intake plenums for Porsches. Aside from this clever design, their products are also noted for their optimization of bore sizes, the geometry of division areas, as well as internal surface area manipulation. Founded in Southern California, IPD has been making exceptional products since 2004.

The company was established by Mike Kirakosyan, a Porsche enthusiast who was constantly on a quest for more power and upgraded performance when it came to his vehicles. This inspired him to start his own company. Since he’s an extremely big Porsche expert, Mike is very careful when it comes to designing his products. The whole team behind IPD is dedicated to making products like intake manifolds that give the very best results.

IPD Porsche plenums feature a revolutionary design that helps improve intake air flow. By replacing the factory plastic “T” design with an aluminum “Y” design, the air flow gets distributed more effectively. This is achieved because the pressure drop at the throttle body inlet gets reduced. The air flow turbulence also gets reduced, while the air flow velocity gets increased. The patented “Y” design results in more power and increased performance.

These products represent the best "bolt-on" performance upgrade one can install on a late model Porsche. Every plenum manufactured by this company goes through rigorous testing to ensure it delivers maximum engine output. As their name suggests, Innovative Pro Design is a company dedicated to innovation. It continues to expand their product range and provides carefully crafted quality products.