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Invidia Performance Exhaust Parts

invidia exhaust parts

Although Invidia exhausts are now sold by Jetworld/Jetstar Auto Sports Inc. of California, they were initially manufactured in Taiwan on behalf of RS-R, a Japanese tuning company. This Japanese company eventually stopped selling the products, and Jetworld/Jetstar Auto Sports Inc. acquired the rights to the brand. Their products are still manufactured in Taiwan, and they mostly specialize in making exhaust systems and car components for Japanese vehicle brands like Nissan, Toyota, Mitsubishi, Subaru, and Acura. Nevertheless, they also make certain products for Volkswagen Golfs and Ford Mustangs.

After seeing a huge demand for their exhaust systems, Invidia established a small manufacturing facility that would make these products and supply them to race teams. With this, they quickly became a big player in the local racing industry. Thanks to their success, the company started selling their exhaust systems to the general public back in 2001.

Invidia’s two best exhaust system lines are the Q300 and the N1. The products in the Q300 range offer a quiet performance exhaust, while the N1 is more affordable but louder. Many of their exhaust systems include flat-bottomed mufflers, which were designed to help maintain ground clearance and make the undercarriage aerodynamic. Apart from their stainless steel line of exhaust systems, they also offer a premium line of titanium products. Other products that this company sells include turbo outlets, downpipes, and test pipes.

When it comes to performance exhausts made specifically for modern Japanese cars, Invidia and its products are without a doubt a great choice.