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Ignition Projects - Coils & Coil Packs

ignition projects

Since its founding in 2011 in Southern California, they’ve remained true to their aim of developing new and innovative products, achieving new heights in terms of technological advances and more. These stronger ignition systems are engineered to lower emission ratings, giving you more performance while remaining compliant. The perfect complement the rest of your aftermarket components, you’ll find these performance ignition systems to be easy to implement and affordable.

Through their unique research and development process, Ignition Projects delivers import-grade systems that are produced right in the USA.

With offices in Japan and the States, Ignition Projects has become a leader on the world stage, producing globally renowned products that enhance vehicle ignition systems. For a tuned car, these products may significantly improve drivability, increase mpg, reduce the occurrence of misfires, and provide numerous other benefits when applied correctly.

Tried and true in the racing world, many of Ignition Project's high-performance products, such as their ramped-up ignition coils and coil packs provide increased spark amperage and enable the spark to reach more molecules, which is especially important in forced induction applications. This accelerates the combustion and ignition process, providing for more horsepower and torque, in most cases.

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