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Defi Gauges

3 blue display defi gauges installed and running

Defi is the brand name used by the legendary company, Nippon Seiki of Japan, for their high-performance aftermarkets gauges aimed at racers with discerning taste. These quality components and automobile instrument clusters provide racers with the information and confidence they need to excel. The company focuses on diversified, proprietary technology, covering all the needs of performance drivers in terms of circuitry, optics, displays, and more.

These high-precision components include heads-up display, gauges that only become visible when the ignition is turned on, and exceptionally accurate analog information. In many cases, the gauges operate standalone without the need for a control unit.

Our specialists are knowledgeable in automobile instrument clusters, particularly from Defi, and can help you select the right linkable gauges, wiring, OLED displays, and BF gauges to give you the competitive edge at a price you can afford. Take a look at our Defi Gauge Turbo, Gauge Temp, Gauge Pressure, Gauge Exhaust Temp, boost gauges, pressure gauges, gauge controllers and all the other data you require, available in our vast inventory now.

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