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December 23, 2020


EDO Performance Toyota A90 Supra Track Day

Saturday early morning, we set off to Buttonwillow Raceway Park. Amidst the corona virus pandemic, track days have still been seen as a suitable activity to endure, especially due to the fact that social distancing is always in order from car to car. Arriving still at dawn, we proceeded to enter the raceway facility with quite a few more early birds than anticipated. Nevertheless, we found a good spot to unload the Tomioka Racing x ECUwerks A90 Supra.

Tomioka Racing EcuWerks Supra

We've worked countless weeks prior on learning the ins and outs of tuning the A90 Supra platform with using EcuTek, and it was safe to say that we were finally ready to unleash our mastery on the track. We couldn't be missed, docked fairly central on the raceway campus. Driver's meeting was at 8am sharp, so a quick track checklist was in order. We specifically tuned the vehicle for 91 octane, Flex Fuel, and 101. The luxury of EcuTek's RACEROM feature however is that it allows users to switch maps on the fly, without the need for any computers whatsoever. With that said, we threw in some VP Racing 101 octane, checked the Toyo Tires R888R tire pressure, and proceeded to our drivers meeting.

EDO Performance testing at Buttonwillow

It had been raining the night prior to this day so the track was still slightly damp. Group 1 headed off for the first laps of the day, taking it easy as the track dried up. The morning temperature was a sheer 39 degrees Fahrenheit. Although perfect for the turbo, it was rather face numbing for us. Track prep time was minimal the previous work day so finally before heading out for the first session, a quick full car spray with Collinite's 520 "Post Haste" Quick Detailer brought the car up to shiny standards right away.

On track at Buttonwillow Stefan Tomalik

We cut fairly close to the first session so it wasn't possible to hook up cameras, although the perfect opportunity to make sure all of the car's systems were in order. Immediately after we then pulled in the vehicle, adjusted tire pressures, and installed a GoPro and Racelogic Performance Box Touch lap timer. A successful second and third session brought us great video footage and lots of fun. Unfortunately the track was fairly busy though, so traffic on track didn't allow us to hit the lap time goals that were set.

As 3 o'clock rolled around the wind began to pick up heavily, to the point of giving our tent flight! Luckily we caught this in time and were able to set down without any damage being done. By this time there were expectations of possible failures, however vehicles temperatures and data proved to show there were no issues whatsoever.

Motul USA on TR Supra

Driver Stefan Tomalik commented: " The Supra was extremely responsive at all times. Boost seemed to build very quickly, no matter what RPM range the car was at or in between shifts. Power was very linear and the car would pull with constant acceleration all the way from low rpm to red line. Up shifts were crisp and clean. Downshifts were sometimes a little jerky if downshifting and having the RPM range land in the mid range. Throttle response was excellent and felt as if the car was a drive by cable, no noticeable lag. All in all the car had zero overheating issues and zero boosting issues. There were no mechanical failure whatsoever. The car maintained a coolant temperature right in the middle of the gauge the entire day. It did seem the more the car was driven harder, the more it wanted to give."

Check out the video footage from the 2nd session on our Instagram.

By the 5th and final session, it was already getting fairly dark, so instead of hitting the track, we took the car around the campus to take nice photos, and then load the car up for the return journey.

TR EcuWerks Supra

TR EcuWerks Supra

TR EcuWerks Supra

TR EcuWerks Supra


Ready to get your Supra tuned? Give us a call at (800) 858-1659 or send us a DM on Instagram! EDO Performance specializes in the new A90 Supra, 2019 and up! Let's get you the power you deserve!

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