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Get Your Ride Ready for Spring! Get up to 30% off on featured brands. Shop now and upgrade your ride for less!
Car Upgrading & Maintenance: The Do's and Don'ts

Car Upgrading & Maintenance: The Do's and Don'ts

Making Your Vehicle Last

Vehicles can be quite the investment. After all, they're expensive purchases, so maintaining their value and integrity is crucial. The types and frequency of maintenance will vary depending on the type of vehicle in question, but many of these upgrades and maintenance options are applicable to a wide range of different vehicles. Between consistent detailing and replacing weathered parts (such as BMC air filters, brake pads, and fuel pumps), you can extend the life of your vehicle dramatically. 


This is a great starting point, especially for those who may not be familiar with the complex machinery under the hood of the car. Detailing a car consists of cleaning the car with meticulous detail–outside and inside. The most time-consuming part of this process is typically the interior of the vehicle. This process consists of removing floor mats and other loose, removable parts and vacuuming the interior, all over the floors and in between the seats. After the floors and seats are vacuumed, the dashboard and doors are scrubbed with a cleaning solution.

Leather can be treated to extend the life of the material–and to clean up the look. The final step in the detailing process is the cleaning of the seats and floor with moisture extractors that work by spraying the fabric with hot, soapy water and vacuuming the water with the debris back into the machine. 

Oil Changes

Getting regular oil changes on schedule is crucial to maintaining the life of your vehicle. Cars that don't have their oil changed on a regular basis are much more likely to experience extreme problems in the future. Over time, your engine will overheat and begin to warp. Additionally,  if an oil change is postponed for long enough periods of time, a gasket can rupture. These are extremely expensive repairs, so keeping on top of oil changes is key. Don't overlook the importance of your scheduled changes. 

Vehicle Fluids

Vehicle owners need to pay attention to vehicle fluids. These include power steering fluid, brake fluid, oil, and coolant. You will need to perform this with virtually every vehicle model, so whether you're looking for Subaru power steering fluid, Coolant for a Toyota, or Torco octane booster to enhance the performance of your vehicle, the best place to start is with a company who values quality. When it comes to quality auto upgrades and service, EDO Performance works tirelessly to provide. All maintenance and upgrades are possible through their store. 

Air Filters

EDO Performance provides BMC air filters and replacement kits for those who need to upgrade or replace their air filters. Air filters are important to the health of the vehicle in the same way that face masks are when using spray paint or mixing cement. They keep dirt and debris from getting into the engine during the process of air injection. Dirt and debris as small as grains of salt can cause expensive damages. Because of this, keeping up with air filtration is crucial. Do not allow your filters to become old and ineffective. The health of your engine is dependent on these upgrades.

At the end of the day, with EDO Performance, you will never be disappointed with your service or your products. 

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