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February 02, 2016


2008-2015 Subaru STi Fuel Hesitation Solution

 Many EDO Performance customers with 2008-2015 Subaru STi’s have experienced and complained about fuel hesitation from their stock fuel lines and pressure regulators. While the hesitation is slight and might not be a problem for regular drivers, us car enthusiasts find it quite annoying and would rather for it to go away once and for all. Here at EDO Performance we had a chance to repair a 2009 Subaru STi with this exact same problem. When we tested the fuel pressure of this 2009 Subaru STi we found out that the pressure was only at 15 psi during idle, then it would spike to 28 psi, and then come down drastically. We offer the solution to that problem replacing the Fuel Pressure Regulator(FPR) and fuel lines with an aftermarket performance FPR and fuel lines.


This kit is from Tomioka Racing and it comes with preassembled lines, the adjustable fuel pressure regulator, the fuel pressure gauge, vaccum hose, and also vehicle specific fittings are provided. The lines are fuel resistant nylon braided hoses which are preassembled  with quick connectors which are 100% bolt on to the stock connection. The fuel pressure regulator itself is adjustable up to 8 bar, constructed from billet aluminum with a 33mm diaphragm, and includes the mounting bracket and pressure gauge attachment.


There are two FPR Units that TR offers. This particular unit is the smaller “Sport” Series and it supports up to 600HP (P/N: TR-FPU1004). If you need more power capability, the second “Pro” Series supports up to 1000HP (P/N: TR-FPU1005).


Once installed you can see the blue-black nylon braided hoses blend in perfectly and that the quick connectors are 100% bolt on to the factory connection. The FPU unit itself is easily mounted on the side of the chassis with its handy mounting bracket. So basicly this car no longer has an hesitation issue on the low range RPM and the car actually drives a lot smoother.


Please Call to order, schedule an appointment, or ask any questions! 


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EDO Performance
EDO Performance

January 13, 2017

CLARK Please contact us at (714) 602-5741 or send an email to


May 19, 2016

where is the link to order this kit? pricing? what kind of tuning is required after this kit is installed?

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