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AutoTecknic Dry Carbon Fiber Front Downforce Wheel-Well Splitters



Back by popular demand!

This pair of universal fit, race-engineered, high performance, down-force aiding front wheel well lip spoilers. They are typically used to fine tune the front aerodynamics of a race car or street car that may already be modified with a rear wing or other rear aerodynamic device such as a rear diffuser. These wheel well spoilers actually provide 2 benefits, the first is redirecting the airflow past the front of the wheel well right to the wheels, eliminating turbulence. Secondly, it adds more front surface area for airflow to effectively apply down force on. Our carbon fiber GT front wheel well lip spoilers feature a tapered surface area with slots enabling fine tuning of front down force. They are completely molded on all sides which makes them unique and unlike anything else on the market. They feature a smooth matte finish, just like authentic competition racing parts. Each carbon fiber GT lip spoiler is mounted with 4 Phillips self tapping #2 screws 3/4" long. These are flat tapered strips that will flex to fit your cars wheel well area.

610mm x 67mm x 48mm @ 1.5mm

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