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AutoTecknic Dry Carbon Key Case for BMW 5-Series G30, 7-Series G11/G12 & i8 I12



This is a very simple key case made of dry carbon perfect for various BMW display keys. It is made by AutoTecknick, a known manufacturer of auto composite parts who's been offering great products since 1999. In case you’re unfamiliar with the material used to make this key cover, carbon fiber is composed mostly of carbon atoms and is notable for being incredibly strong. It’s even stronger than steel and aluminum.

Compatible with:

  • BMW G30 5-Series
  • BMW 7 Series G11/G12
  • BMW I12 i8

Other known properties include high-temperature tolerance, high tensile strength, and high stiffness. There are two main types of this material – wet and dry carbon fiber. While they’re both excellent materials, dry carbon definitely has some clear advantages.

Dry carbon fiber is a really light material, especially considering how strong it is. It is popular among car enthusiasts and race car drivers because of the two aforementioned qualities. This key case made by AutoTecknic is made with 3K twill weave dry carbon. It is finished off with a high gloss clear-coat and features a vented design, which is notable for preventing the blocking of RF signals.

The installation process is incredibly simple. All that you’ll have to do is take apart the key cover, place your key in one side and clip the other side over it. Taking the key cover apart is easy thanks to its secure, clip-on design. Aside from it being a great decoration, cases like these will help protect your car keys as well, and there’s hardly any material better than dry carbon fiber when it comes to protection.

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