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Zymol Quadra SuperSealant Single



Quadra Paint SuperSealant & Finish - Complete Protection with a Brilliant Shine

From the beginning, car owners have known and made use of the protective and life-giving qualities of wax. And, for four decades Zymol has built the finest organic Waxes and Glazes. But for some, wax is not enough!

Wuadra is a new paint SuperSealant giving your finish the greatest luster and longest protection using Colloidal Gold and pure Hawaiian Lotus extract.

Quadra is the last step in your paint correction and should be professionally applied. Thereafter your responsibility is to only rinse your vehicle with warm water or gently wash your vehicle with Quadra Balance.

Every year on the anniversary of your Quadra application you will automatically receive an email telling you it is time for a Quadra re-application. Your personalized and Serial Numbered Quadra Kit contains the Quadra application sealed in heavy glass and exclusively registered to you.

Kit Contents:

  • 1x Balance Wash
  • 1x Resolve pre-treat
  • Micropwipes
  • Serial numbered Quadra

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