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Zero/Sports Stainless Steel Cone Filter, Adapter, and Air Intake Pipe Kit 76mm for 2002-2007 Subaru Impreza STi/WRX



Give your car some JDM power and style with the Super Direct Flow intake system from Zero/Sports. This kit consists of two pieces: the filter kit and the air intake pipe. The filter kit significantly increases the air intake to the engine while providing superior filtration capability. It helps to archive better throttle response and reduce the air intake resistance. The use of stainless steel mesh filter ensures durability and reliability of the filter. Inside the filter, a built-in velocity stack smoothes out airflow and directs the flow toward the mass airflow sensor allowing it to read the airflow more accurately. The intake pipe replaces the piece between the filter and the turbocharger inlet pipe. The factory piece is made of accordion style plastic with a very bumpy interior that creates air turbulence. The Zero/Sports pipe has a smooth interior with silicone couplers to ensure maximum airflow. Combined, these two parts your Subaru the performance you would expect from a Zero/Sports product.

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