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Zero/Sports Stainless Steel Brakelines for 2005-2008 Subaru Legacy GT



Improve your cars braking power with these stainless steel brake lines from Zero/Sports! Constructed of high quality fluorocarbon resin tube, and covered by tightly braided stainless steel, the Zero/Sports steel brake lines prevent brake hose expansion under pressure.The factory brake lines are made of soft rubber that expands under the pressure of braking. This expansion reduces the amount of fluid that is actually getting to your brakes. Removing this expansion allows more fluid and pressure to reach your brakes, increasing your braking power. As a side result, the removal of the brake line expansion will stiffen your brake pedal, giving you a more responsive feel when braking.The Zero/Sports lines are coated on the outside to protect them, and the swivel fittings allow tension to be removed from the lines when the cars suspension moves. Zero/Sports brake lines meet the Japanese Industrial Standards, which are based on ISO3996 standard (JISS2601 stipulation) and vehicle inspection correspondence.

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