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Zero/Sports Cool Racing Thermostat for any 1993+ Subaru



The Zero/Sports Cool Thermo Thermostat Fits any 1993 and up Subaru has a valve opening setting of 160*f (71*c) which is 12*f (7*c) cooler than the stock thermostat setting. This allows the cooled water to circulate back from the radiator into the engine faster and keep the overall temperature cooler.The need for a more efficient cooling system is even more vital with todays turbocharged Subarus, such as the WRX and the STi. The factory cooling system has to work even harder now that it is being used to cool both the engines oil and the turbocharger. This added strain on the cooling system can result in increased coolant temps leading to many negative side effects, one of the most unwanted being detonation that causes the vehicles ECU to adjust timing, resulting in a loss of power. A hotter running motor also generally has a shorter lifespan than a cooler motor.We gave this thermostat a test run in a 2002 WRX on a hot day and recorded full-throttle temperatures at an average of 24*f cooler with the Zero/Sports thermostat (196*f before, 172*f after). This thermostat isnt just for modified vehicles; it can benefit even a stock car. The design of this thermostat allows it to open completely in the event of a thermostat failure, the stock thermostat will fail closed and cause the vehicle to overheat. The Zero/Sports Cool Thermo Thermostat is such a simple upgrade with substantial benefits; you cant afford not to use it.

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