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Zero/Sports Catted Down Pipe for Subaru STI 2008+ GRB



The new Zero/Sports Subaru 2008 STI GRB down pipe are equiped with a high free lowing Catalytic convert that fulfills all the criteria of the strick Japanese emissions standard set in 2005. This down pipe also boast a new formulated alloy nicked named PGM (Platinum Group Metals) the alloy is a composed of rhodium (Rh), palladium (Pd),Osmium (Os), iridium (Ir), and Platinum (Pt) in addtition to standard SUS304 Stainless Steel. These elements increase the shine on the down pipe and increases the durability of the down pipe. This down pipe has been certifed by the Japanese Goverment for the composition of alloy used and it is the new standard among high end down pipes!

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