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WORKS Ride Springs (06+ Eclipse)



The WORKS Ride Performance Springs are an affordable entry into well-engineered suspension upgrades. The 10%/20% (front/rear) increase in stiffness is the key to their high performance capability as they better match the factory damping and provide more neutral handling. They also lower the Eclipse approximately 35mm(1.38")/30mm(1.18") (GT/GS) at the front and 30mm(1.18") at the rear for a more aggressive look and lower center of gravity. We carefully engineered the height and rate of the Ride performance springs to increase performance without sacrificing ride quality. The ride height was designed as low as possible to maintain proper suspension travel, which prevents "bottoming-out" or riding on the bumpstops. This allows for a very comfortable, smooth ride with less body roll and flatter cornering. Lowering the 4G Eclipse any more than our Ride springs will compromise suspension travel, degrade ride quality, alter wheel alignment and often causes tire rubbing. These Ride performance springs were engineered in conjunction with our WORKS rear swaybar as a WORKS Stage I package for the ultimate in 4G Eclipse suspension tuning. Complete kit includes four chrome silicone, stress relieved, powder coated springs with the "WORKS" logo, installation instructions and backed by our factory-matched warranty.

WORKS bumpstops are also available as an option.

Application: '06+ Eclipse (Including Spyder) GS, GT, SE and SE V6

"I got my WORKS Ride springs installed and am amazed that the car still feels smooth. I can blast through corners while sticking to the road. The car looks great and the drop isn't excessive. Mitsubishi should have used these springs from the start on the Eclipse. Everything about them just feels right. I would definitely recommend these to anyone who wants their car to drive comfortably while getting enhanced appearance and performance." -Jason L, Arizona

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