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WORKS Exhale DP (Downpipe) 76mm Exhaust (01-'06* EVO VII/VIII/IX)



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WORKS Exhale Exhaust: The WORKS modular Exhale series components allow EVO enthusiasts to quickly and easily mix and match the Exhale DP (Down Pipe), IP (Intermediate Pipe), and AB (Axle Back) with the factory EVO VIII exhaust components. All of our jigs are created using the factory OEM exhaust pieces to ensure a precise and perfect fit every time. The Exhale series is manufactured in the USA using 100% T-304 Stainless Steel, mandrel bent, and includes all of the necessary gaskets, heat resistant hardware, and installation instructions and covered by WORKS factory matched warranty.

Exhale DP:: Designed in conjunction with the WORKS Exhale O2 Housing, the 76mm Downpipe provides the ultimate in flow potential while retaining a factory fit. Piping is available with a unique thermal ceramic coating both inside and out, the Exhale DP keeps the heat in rather than radiating it outwards. By keeping the heat in the piping, the Exhale DPs thermal coatings prevents the intense heat reaching the factory oil pan and transfer case, as well as maximizes the velocity of exhaust gases (exhaust gases slow down as they cool). Just as importantly, by keeping the heat where it belongs, the WORKS Exhale DP ensures that the factory catalytic converter is promptly lit off for trouble-free emissions testing. As would be expected from WORKS parts, the Exhale DP 76mm has NO clearance issues with the factory cross braces (low point in the EVO) and maintains appropriate clearances from EVERY component. The Exhale DP is also compatible with the WORKS Croxx Plate II undercarriage brace. Mounting hardware kit, gasket, and simple installation instructions included. Adds approximately 12 HP.

Application: '01-'06* EVO VII/VIII/IX including GSR, RS, and MR

*The ceramic coated version is highly recommended for EVOs equipped with ACD to prevent radiant heat from reaching the larger transfer case.

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