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Tomei Technical Trax LSD (Z32 300ZX twinturbo)

Tomei Performance


The T-TRAX ADVANCE is the most effective LSD unit available & has the best overall advantage in comparison with the other aftermarket products available today. Amazing penetrating angles at the time of Drift, with such persistence in the accuracy of line taking and all aspects of cornering, the T-TRAX ADVANCE shows amazing efficiency with the aggressive cam angles which is optimum for drifting the friction clutch discs also has a larger surface area, furthermore with the use of the coil spring discs and the high setting of initial torque which is raised higher than any other brands in the market today.

The Tomei Technical Trax LSD is favored by many enthusiasts from all over the world who use this product and can vouch for its super high initial torque and 2 way characteristics whether it is used on the streets or at the track. Due to popular demand, Tomei has decided to revive the Technical Trax LSD units for the Z32 300ZX TT application after many years of discontinuation.

The stock Z32 is a viscous type unit, which over the years, the excessive wear of the viscous coupling hinders the full potential of having LSD equipped machine.
Tomeis Technical Trax LSD is a 2 way version, which applies to the Z32 twin turbo models only, provides the much needed maximum power transfer to the ground. This is very important for high powered FR configured vehicles, as much of the power is lost without an LSD.
The Z32 TT Technical Trax LSD is priced at $1090 USD, and are currently taking pre-orders. If purchased now, this limited amount of units can be acquired by the end of October.

Tomei Powered also provides products for the 300ZX, from camshafts to solid lifters to name a few.


PCD 176mm
105mm Large Size Friction Disk (outer)
14 Disks (8 inner 6 outer)
2 Springs
12.3mm Ring Gear Bolts
31 Teeth Side Gear
40mm inner flange
~10kg Initial Torque Rating
2 Liter of Custom Gear Oil (Amount may not be enough)
*(No bearings, oil seal, or gaskets included)

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