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Tomei High Lift 270 Exhaust Pro cam for Subaru EJ25 STI

Tomei Performance


Tomei High Lift Exhaust Pro Cam for Subaru Impreza EJ25 STI Engine

Exhaust Camshaft 1 Pair
270 Duration
10.8MM Lift

The standard intake 240 Duration 9.6mm & exhaust 240 Duration 9.8mm spec camshafts are reasonable in performance gains as its mainly designed for reliablility. But when high power and high engine speeds are required then a more aggressive cam lobe design is required to suit both the engines characteristics and puprose. These high lift and larger duration Procams performance will deliver the performance for speed and power with more torque gains where needed most.

**Please check part number: TO-142207 for intake cams**

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