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Power Enterprise Super Kevlar II Timing Belt for 4G63

Power Enterprise


SUPER KEVLAR II (100% Made In Japan)
1. The Only True Kevlar Timing Belt in the world exceeding stock quality
2. 700% more durable than stock timing belt
3. Zero Stretching, Less Heat & Train the Gear Perfectly Acurate
4. No tooth damage nor stretch on a Full Load similated 120,000 mile test

Since 1997 the Power Kevlar belts are used by WRC and JGTC teams
We do Private Label Productions, Minimum of 100 units.

The pioneer of Kevlar timing belt
Super strong KEVLAR timing belt was originally developed and patented by Power Enterprise. The original Kevlar timing belt developped by PWR in 1997 featured 4-times durability against stretching compared to the stock belts gained huge popularity among race engine builders and the most of tuner parts manufacturers. At end of 2006, PWR reintroduced further advanced Kevlar timing belt based on the feed backs sent to PWR from the engine builders of the world. The new Kevlar Timing Belt features Zero stretching, 2.6 times more durable compare to the original PWR Kevlar timing belt and increased in haeat resistance, improved in bending flexibility to surpress unwanted osilations. PWR Super Kevlar also improved mechanism of transition stage perfect at fitting into camgear by compounding nylon fiver in the cog portion. Now It trains the camshaft with ZERO complomise.

700% more durable than the stock timing belts.
Zero stretch attains engine's superior performance
Newly developed, Kevlar, Nylon, Rubber and other materials compound for zero stretching, strength & superior flexibility
Improved flexibility to surpress unwanted harmonic oscilations
Decreased diameter of Kevlar tension membre by 30%, resulted in gaining superior flexibility, Superior flexibility means
less creating heat and reducing significant value of unwanting harmonic oscilations.
Improved transition acuracy and increased fitting surface of cam gear
Added nylon short fiber into the cog portion to help fit on to the large surface of the timing gear in perfect form.

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