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PLX Air/Fuel Ratio Sensor Module w/ 52mm Gauge

PLX Devices



The PLX SM-AFR Air/Fuel Controller accurately measures the precise air/fuel ratio (AFR) of any internal combustion engine. Up to 32 SM-AFR modules can be daisy chained together in the iMFD system. SM-AFR can also be used as a stand alone unit capable of interfacing with 3rd party hardware. All Sensor Modules are housed in high quality extruded aluminum designed to operate even in the most extreme conditions. In addition, all SM modules offer outstanding digital accuracy, response and resolution which far exceeds that of a standard gauge.

PLX SM-AFR Fuel Controller

  1. Connects to 12V-18V power source.
  2. Analog outputs (0-5V linear wideband output, 0-1V narrowband output, ground)
  3. Termination jumper. Closed for first SM in daisy chain.
  4. Connects to next SM in daisy chain or to first DM
  5. Connects to previous SM or unconnected if first SM in daisy chain
  6. Connects to O2 Sensor Harness then to Bosch sensor.

PLX SMAFR Fuel Controller


SM-AFR utilizes the latest digital PID and DSP technologies to maximize o2 sensor reaction time and accuracy without compromising overshoot, and slow settling response time. This technology is coupled with advanced self sensor calibration circuitry and sensor soft start to both prolong the life of your oxygen sensor as well as eliminating any user intervention for manual sensor calibration. PLX widebands may be used and installed in your vehicle permanently.


Technical Article: PLX Critical Response Technology


  1. Wideband 0-5V analog linear output

  2. Narrowband 0-1V analog output Replace your stock narrowband sensor


  1. SM-AFR main unit

  2. Bosch LSU 4.2 wideband sensor

  3. O2 sensor harness 10ft

  4. 4ft power wire with 2.1mm connector

  5. 4ft Analog wires and connector with 4 terminals

  6. 1ft Serial Cable

  7. Termination jumper

  8. Quick start guide

Affordable and accurate; Wideband AFR Sensor Module designed to work with DM-5 or DM-100.

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