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Jun Auto Stroker Kits

Jun Auto


The JUN Custom kit is composed of a long stroke crankshaft and JUN Super Forged aluminum pistons. The JUN Stroker kit provides more power and torque capabilities of your Stroker Assemblies - Includes JUN Full Crankshaft, JUN Super Pistons and JUN Super Connecting rods. The lightweight, high strength, and rate of balance of those parts are improving. The high response is offered. You can use broadly in various fields as circuit running, drag race etc.

Specifications of 1.8L Kit for B16A
Product Stroker Kit
Part # 1029M-H001
Bore 82.0mm
Stroke 87.2mm
Engine Disp. 1842cc
Compression Ratio 11.6:1 *1
Specifications of the Piston
Bore 82.0mm
Weight 289g
Compression Height 28.0mm
Piston Crown Form Convex
Volume 4.0cc
Valve Seat Recession -2.7cc
Piston Pin Weight 77g
Diam. 21mm
Piston Rings TOP 1.0x3.1mm
2nd 1.2x3.3mm
OIL 2.8x2.8mm
Specifications of the Connecting Rod
Weight 450g
Small end diam. 21mm
Big end diam. --mm
Center Distance ---.-mm
Specifications of the Crankshaft
Stroke 87.2mm
Weight 17.0kg
Journal Diam. --mm
Crankpin Diam. --mm
Method Forged

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