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Jun Auto HONDA B16B/B18C 81.0mm Super Piston Kit

Jun Auto


Model: HONDA B16/B18

The JUN Super Piston Kit, manufactured by Cosworth in Britain, is designed for corresponding to high boost, high rotation and high response. This is produced in purpose of reducing blow-by gas as well as boosting response up. The materials for this piston is the special aluminum for forging-use with manufacturing 400t press into the mold. Durability is just excellent. In order to satisfy the performance demanded, JUN SUPER PISTON carried out technical cooperation to Cosworth in English, F1 engine maker, and was born.

JUN SUPER PISTON KIT is using the aluminum material only for forges, it holds the durability at the time of high temperature. The piston ring which is contained the kit is taking into consideration the quality of the material and form. It considers the capability which scratching a oil, friction durability, and seal. Since the piston ring of a domestic product is used, it can correspond to an after maintenance immediately.

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