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Jun Auto Full Counter Crankshaft

Jun Auto


The JUN FULL COUNTER CRANKSHAFT has adopted full counter form in order to balance inertia power and the centrifugal force which is generated by counter weight. As a result of pursuing the most effective form of counter weight by the thorough analysis and thorough calculation, though the increase in weight was suppressed, improvement in the rate of balance was realized. SCM440 is used as a material and processing corresponding to the material is performed. It has both strength and lightness by giving heat treatment and a special surface treatment.

At JUN, the crankshaft of ideal form was made by shaving a billet material. The crankshaft made from shaving has flexibility in a design as compared with a forge product. A crankshaft designer can determine form satisfactorily. The JUN FULL COUNTER CRANKSHAFT is a genuine crankshaft with both the counter weight of ideal form and the excellent balance.

At JUN, the highly precise product is manufactured by experience which cultivated over many years and introduction of the newest work machine. Making the product which had confidence in technology and equipment does not have compromise. The car which we make is using the same thing as the product which you can purchase. Moreover, the actual result has raised in many races. It is our thought that does not have a difference among customers. Our product is loaded with our feeling of wanting to make a good thing.

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