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HKS Dual Exhaust for 2020 Toyota GR Supra





This brand new HKS catback exhaust system for the 2020 Toyota GR Supra with B58 engine is a very high quality stainless steel system. The main material is SUS304. Exhaust tip diameter is increased from 100mm to 120mm while the main piping diameter remain the same except for the section 1 which is increased from 80mm to 85mm. The exhaust delivers an aggressive and slightly louder sound from 88dB to a now 90dB in sport mode. Weight is reduced by 2.8 lbs going from 58.8 lbs to 56 lbs. The HKS exhaust system also allows you to keep the stock exhaust actuator and functionality of the valve system.

  • Full Dual layout
    • Full independent layout of both right and left banks of V type engines. The full dual layout prevents performance drop due to the exhaust interference. It enhances performance at high rpm.
  • Balance pipe
    • Balance pipe controls exhaust gas pulsation for exhaust sound stability and increasing torque at low rpm.
  • The weight is reduced approximately by 13% 
    • The weight of Full Dual Muffler is approximately 26kg which is 13% reduction compared with 30kg stock exhaust system.
  • SUS304 and titanium
    • The material of pipe and silencer is SUS304 with titanium tip. This combination improves durability and appearance.
  • "JASMA" approved
    •  Proven "Advantex * glass wool" (Continuous fibeer glass wool).
    • * Advantex is a registered trademark of Owens Corning.
    • * 33009-BN005 is only rear piece section.

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