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Griots Garage Leather Care Interior Kit

Griot's Garage


This kits includes:
  • 1 x Griot's Garage 11142 Leather Care, 16oz
  • 1 x Griot's Garage 10282 Dual Weave Interior Towels (Set of 3)


Leather Care is Griot's Garage's most versatile leather product, Leather Care is aimed at slightly aged leather that requires light to moderate cleaning and enhanced conditioning.

  • Use on slightly aged leather that's 3 to 5 years old
  • Penetrates deep to replenish the natural oils of your leather
  • Better than the other greasy, lanolin-based products on the market

Leather Care is designed to restore worn, dry, cracked surfaces, and/or maintain healthy leather surfaces that are 3 to 5 years old and it even smells like new leather. It replaces vital nutrients, dries clear on perforated leather, and leaves a non-greasy, supple finish after the final buff. It's easy to use and essential for the long supple life of your fine leather. Use sparingly - a little goes a long way when applied with our Blue Detail Sponge. Great for newer leather.


Your first-class interior deserves a first-class towel. Enjoy superior cleaning and surface buffing with these versatile microfiber towels.

  • Unique dual-weave delivers gentle dual-purpose cleaning
  • Thick unique diamond-patterned, waffle-weave side lifts and traps common contaminants
  • Low-nap, tight-weave side excels at light dusting, fingerprint removal, and final buffing
  • Ideal when teamed with our interior cleaners, detailers, and dressings
  • Satin edges and radiused corners ensure safe wiping of all interior surfaces
  • Enjoy gentle, lint-free performance on even the most delicate surfaces

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