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Griot's Garage 10855 Convertible Top Cleaner and Horsehair Brush Combo

Griot's Garage


Convertible tops bear the brunt of Mother Nature's worst: bird droppings, tree-sap, fallout, pollen, dirt, grime, and more.

  • Maintains your top's factory appearance
  • Leaves no residue to attract dust and dirt
  • Removes contaminants from cloth and vinyl tops

Convertible Top Cleaner's dye-free formula safely and effectively removes contaminants from cloth and vinyl tops, leaving no residue to attract dust and dirt. It is also effective on cloth and vinyl umbrellas and outdoor furniture. Convertible Top Cleaner maintains your top's factory appearance, adds a fresh fragrance, enhancing your open-air motoring experience.

With the highest concentration of bristle in the industry, this horse hair brush reaches deep into vinyl and leather grains for an amazing clean.

  • Highest concentration of bristles to engage more surface, cleaning more thoroughly
  • Horse hair gently reaches into material grain for deep cleaning of leather, vinyl
  • High-bristle-concentration holds more product for more efficient cleaning

Naturally perfect horsehair excels at gently deep cleaning vinyl and leather because more bristles engage the surface and reach into the grains of the material. The Horsehair Interior Brush features the highest concentration of bristles in the industry so it not only cleans better but it holds more product and works it in more efficiently than other brushes.

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