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Griot's Garage Black Shine Bumper & Trim Restorer

Griot's Garage


Are you tired of using trim restorers that don’t really keep things looking the way you want them to? Griot's Garage Black Shine Trim Restorer may just be the perfect product that you’re looking for. If your trim is looking a bit dull and dreary or missing its former shine, the Black Shine Trim Restorer can recapture the original OE look and restore your beautiful finish with just a few applications. You can use this nifty product on hard plastic, rubber bumpers, vinyl bumpers, and any color of trim to bring back a good looking finish.

The Black Shine Trim Restorer contains a special formula of polymers that are designed to resist rainwater and car washes while deeply restoring the material of your trim. With one use, you would notice that rain will bead right off the trim! The product is made to keep your bumpers looking sleek and brand new for a long period of time due to its long-lasting formula. This means that you will only need to apply the product once every few months-- great time and money saver.

  • Recapture that original OE look
  • Perfect for hard plastic, rubber and vinyl bumpers, and trim
  • Formulated to stand up to rain and washes
  • Includes convenient applicator pad

Moreover, the application is quick, easy, and can be done by almost any car owner looking to get a shinier trim. The Black Shine Trim Restorer comes with an easy-to-use applicator pad with dense foam and convenient shape. Applying the trim restorer is easy, precise, and mess-free. The trim cream dries out in a minute or two, and you can see the full effects of the product overnight.

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