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Griot's Garage 6" Orbital and BOSS Essentials Kit

Griot's Garage


Take advantage of state-of-the-art BOSS formulas and pads with three generations of Random-Orbital evolution to get eye-popping results safely!
  • Safe and easy-to-use 6" Random Orbital gets supercharged with BOSS creams and pads
  • Low-profile BOSS pads and sub-micron abrasive BOSS creams get best results
  • Bundled together to save you $50.99!

Our 6" Random Orbital has been used by professionals and enthusiast for a long time because it's a safe, effective workhorse that gets a wide range of jobs done right. Pairing our new BOSS creams and pads with the proven 6" Random Orbital gives you amazing paint correction abilities with the safety and affordability of a standard machine buffer.

  • 6" Random Orbital, 10' (18 AWG) or 25' (16 AWG) Power Cord
  • BOSS Correcting Cream, Pint
  • BOSS Finishing Sealant, Pint
  • BOSS 6.5" Correcting Foam Pads, Set of 2
  • BOSS 6.5" Finishing Foam Pads, Set of 2

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