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Griot's Garage 5" Orbital Conversion Kit - Polisher & Pads

Griot's Garage


When you purchase a car, it is almost as if you just had a child. You want to take care of it and keep it looking brand spanking new for as long as possible. One of the best ways to achieve this is to have your car detailed and buffed every now and then. It can truly work wonders and keeps your car looking as shiny as ever. When you get your vehicle buffed, you remove light scratches and oxidation from the paint’s surface.  Essentially a thin layer of the paint’s clear coat is stripped away to reveal a glossy finish.

If you currently have a 6” orbital system, you may know how hard it is to handle at times. You can overcome this difficulty by purchasing a conversion system. The Griot’s Garage 5” Orbital Conversion Kit converts your Random 6” Orbital system so that you gain the added benefit of using Griot’s 5” pad system.

The benefits of Griot’s 5” pad system include:

  • Vented Backing Plate
  • Reduced Vibration
  • Improved Feedback from the paint
  • Increased control over the pad
  • The shape allows the pad to hug the car's surface better.

The flexible chambered edge on the plate allows the pad to conform to the car’s body, which results in greater feedback from the paint. The increased adaptability also gives you greater control and a much cleaner finish than your regular 6” orbital pads. Griot’s 5" Orbital Conversion comes with two correction pads, as well as a finishing and waxing pads.

If you are looking to keep your car shining in all its glory, this is definitely a great buy.

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