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Griot's Garage 11292 PFM Dual Weave Window Kit

Griot's Garage


Let the sun shine through with this well thought out glass cleaning kit.
  • Includes specially designed glass cleaning version of our PFM microfiber
  • Maximize the effectiveness of our tried-and-proven Window Cleaner
  • Enjoy a quick final flash wipe-down for lint-free, crystal clear glass

Griot's Garage have identified glass care as one arena where their PFM line of towels can have a great effect. Griot's Garage Dual Weave Glass Towels feature the brilliance of the plush PFM microfiber on one side to lift away dirt and debris and a more traditional, much tighter weave for a quick final flash wipe-down on the other side. To make it easy for you, and save you some coin along the way, Griot's Garage have combined a four pack of these high-tech towels with a 35 ounce bottle of their tried-and-proven Window Cleaner. Clear glass is a matter of style and safety and this kit is the best way to keep your windows up to spec.

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