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Griot's Garage 10289 Microfiber Wash Pad

Griot's Garage


Griot's Garage has designed their innovative wash pad in quadrants so you can fold it in half, providing four individual cleaning panels per side.
  • Absorbent foam-lined interior hold tons of suds
  • Deep, plush-nap microfiber gently lifts dirt away from paint
  • 200 square inches of surface area covers a lot of ground

You get a huge 10" x 10" microfiber pad with 200 square inches of surface area so you can cover a lot of ground effectively! With its deep, plush-nap microfiber and absorbent foam-lined interior, this pad holds a tremendous amount of wash to highly lubricate the surface. It quickly pulls contaminants away from your paint, ensuring a swirl-free finish every time. Our Microfiber Wash Pad is built Griot's Garage tough so you can machine wash it and enjoy clean and pristine paint for years to come.

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