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Griot’s Garage 6.5" Black Foam Finishing Pad

Griot's Garage


The Griot's Garage Black Foam Finishing Pad allows for final touch ups on fine paints and dark color finishes. They are less aggressive than our orange polishing pads, but still able to remove minor defects in any paint finish.

The Griot's Garage Black Foam Finishing Pad pursuit for perfection continues as our entire line of foam pads has been reengineered with a new, beveled, flat face that encourages the even application of product, more consistent results, and easier wipe off. We select premium, reticulated, open-cell foam for all our pads because it increases durability and improves tear resistance. Flip one over and you'll see our improved micro hook and loop system that offers improved attachment and quick detachment. The Griot's Garage Black Foam Finishing Pad is intended for fine polishes and sealants. It's ideal for removal of fine swirls, scratches and light defects on the most delicate paint finishes. Add color, depth, and clarity by hand or random orbital.

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