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Exedy Twin-Organic Clutch Kit for Evo 4-9 (1996-2006), 4G63T 2.0L



Exedy is pleased to announce the arrival of the New Hyper Twin Organic Clutches! This clutch is able to hold more power over stock while only slightly increasing pedal feel, while providing excellent feedback.  Exedy Organic clutches use the best materials and have premium friction surfaces to resist clutch slippage and burst.  This is the preferred clutch for street and light modification track use.

Clamp Load @ 2205 lbs, 691 ft/lbs @ FW, 553 ft/lbs @ wheels.


 Sprunger Center Sprung Disc
WTQ 553ft/lbs
Disc Size 215mm
Spline 23
Type Pull
Weight 33.7 lbs
Dimensions 16L x 16.25W x 5.5H


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