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Deluxe Kit for Griot's Garage G15 Long Throw Polisher

Griot's Garage


The Griot's Garage BOSS G15 Long-Throw Orbital Polisher Deluxe Kit contains everything you need to achieve a show car finish. In addition to the highly anticipated Griot's Garage BOSS G15 Polisher, you'll also receive the four Griot's Garage polishing products, their corresponding pads, buffing towels, and a couple more key detailing products.

The Griot's Garage BOSS G15 Long Throw Orbital Polisher gets its name from the 15mm throw. This indicates the area that is covered by the machine while polishing a vehicle. In addition to finding the right polisher, you then have to decide which pads and products you need. The Griot's Garage BOSS System already takes most of the guesswork out with their color-coded system but we've made things even easier with the all-inclusive Griot's Garage BOSS G15 Long Throw Orbital Polisher Kit.

Kit Includes:

  • G15 Polisher
  • Detailer's Bag
  • 5.5 inch Microfiber Pad
  • 5.5 inch FAST Correcting Foam Pad
  • 5.5 inch Correcting Foam Pad
  • 5.5 inch Perfecting Foam Pad
  • 5.5 inch Finishing Foam Pad
  • 5.5 inch InnerFlex Pad
  • 16 oz. FAST Correcting Cream
  • 16 oz. Correcting Cream
  • 16 oz. Perfecting Cream
  • 16 oz. Finishing Sealant
  • 6 Qty Supreme 530 Towels
  • 8 oz. BLACKFIRE Advanced Pad Cleaner
  • Foam Pad Conditioning Brush

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