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Cusco Zero 2E Coilover Normal Mount for Mitsubishi EVO 8-9 CT9A


CUS-564 60M CN

Cusco Zero-2E Coilovers are highly adjustable, allowing you to tune the suspension to provide your desired ride on road or track. 5-way adjustable dampers, excellent tailor-made spring rates, rust-resistant stainless steel outer casing, and a double-adjustable ride height body all combine to give you the best coilover on the market. Shock travel is consistent despite changes in ride height, and you can corner-balance your car without affecting spring pre-load. This is the ultimate street/track coilover.

*Fully adjustable ride-height
*5-way dampers
*New and improved anti-rust protection.
*Compatiable with Cusco ECON Controller

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